Lehigh Smoothbore Flintlock Hunting Rifle

Stock:     Beautiful piece of Black Walnut  (Lots of Color )
Barrel:    44" Oct. to Round Colerain Smoothbore in .54 caliber
Trigger:  Davis Single Trigger
Lock:     Chambers Late Ketland Flintlock
Vent:     Chambers "White Lightning" SS vent liner
Trim:      Brass trim, polished
Sights:    Front & Rear sights (Rear sight is removable)
Ramrod:  1  Straight Grained Hickory RR with 1 Brass Tip (10-32)
Finish:     Chambers Oil Finish
Weight:    8 lbs
LOP:        14"
Drop:       3 1/4" at Heel
Length:    60 1/4" Over All
Fires both patched round balls OR shot

"If you miss a deer with this smoothbore, it ain't the gun!"

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