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Tennessee Mountain Rifle Flintlock #136

Grade #6 Curly maple Stock
38" "B" Green Mountain Swamped Barrel in .50 cal
Chambers Late Ketland Flintlock (Modified)
Davis Double Set Triggers (Modified)
Chambers White Lightning Vent Liner
Handmade Nosecap, Patchbox, Toeplate, & Sideplate
Forged Patchbox latch from old square barn nail
Handmade RR pipes & Entrypipe
Deer Antler inlay in Cheekpiece with his initials
All Iron is aged
Copper Riveted Toe & Buttplate
Stain is Danglers Dark Brown with a Amber base
Tru-Oil finish Rubbed out to a soft satin sheen
2 Ramrods, 1  Iron tip each
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